T. aestivum T. aethiopicum T. araraticum T. boeoticum T. carthlicum T. compactum T. icoccoides T. dicoccon T. durum T. ispahanicum T. karamyschevii T. macha T. militinae T. monococcum T. polonicum T. spelta T. sphaerococcum T. timopheevii T. turanicum T. turgidum T. urartu T. vavilovii T. zhukovskyi References:   ITIS 42236 2002-09-22

Trivia about wheat

  • Norman Borlaug sparked the green revolution by developing a dwarf strain of this cereal grass
  • The original shredder was Henry Perky, who in 1892, "shredded" this for breakfast cereal
  • The hard red winter type of this grain is planted in autumn & in late spring
  • Tabbouleh, a Middle Eastern salad, combines parsley, mint & lemon juice with the bulgur type of this
  • Afghanistan's flag has a mosque in a wreath made of stalks of this grain
  • The name of Germany's Hefe-Weizen beer means yeast & this grain, not barley
  • In 1892 Henry Perky invented a machine to shred this grain & form it into little pillow-shaped biscuits
  • Reasonably enough, the bulgur type of this is popular in Bulgaria's Eastern-influenced cuisine
  • Varieties of this important cereal grain include emmer, spelt & common or bread
  • A thrave is 24 sheaves of this grain, whether spring, winter or durum
  • A kind of cereal grain, triticale is produced by crossing rye & this
  • More of the Earth's surface is covered by this grain than by any other food crop
  • Archaeologists have found that varieties of this grain, like Emmer & Einkorn, were grown in the 7th millennium B.C.
  • Norman Borlaug is said to have saved more lives than anyone else, mainly by breeding this grain
  • The "Golden Boy" statue atop the legislature holds a lit torch & a sheaf of this
  • Kraft makes hot cereals called Cream of Rice & Cream of this
  • That wry poet Carl came up with "Stacker of" this
  • A sheaf of this grain symbolizes-- what else?-- agriculture on Ohio's state seal
  • Afghanistan's flag has a mosque in a wreath made of stalks of this grain
  • Burghul is another name for the Bulghur type of this cereal grain