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Personality analysis

This user asked me to remove his logs from aolpsycho. I hope he will excuse our site for any problems.

This deletion might be a good time for a discussion about the ethics of aolpsycho. I think we can all agree that AOL's release of this data is a massive privacy violation. As soon as it was released I believed many people's lives would be destroyed by the release of this data. I would not be surprised if there are suicides as a direct result of it.

If we follow Kant, the proper thing to do is to not use or publicize the database in any way. We act as we would expect others to do if everyone followed the same rule. Since we would not want our private data exposed, we must not expose that of others. However, the data is out there and will continue to be available by those who do not follow this moral rule.

The other approach, that of expedient means, is massive publicity even if it hurts some people. The goal is to show just how great the damage is in an effort to educate the general population and effect social change.

I favor the second approach. I believe that these databases should not exist. They should not be available to anyone, not even internal Google employees or the NSA. But they will remain in existence as long as people believe they are not harmful. People will not believe they are harmful if they are merely told so. They must be shown so. So there is no alternative, in my view, to doing what we are doing here.

I think this database contains more information about many AOL users than anything the Stasi, Securitate, or FBI ever complied about anyone. I think it is evil. If this is 1.5% of 3 month's of AOL's data, what would we learn by examining all of Google's data?

I would like to see an end to the compilation of such databases. This is one reason why I participate here. Maybe I am wrong: we will only hurt people and change nothing as a result of this. If this is so I apologize for having ever contributed to this site.

What are your thoughts?

I just like randomly abusing people with fucked up searches. Also, this is a good way to catch pedos and other people with problems.

I also enjoy making fun of people and identifying pedophiles. However, some innocent people can also be identified. Is it OK to identify innocent people? Should we attempt to do so?

For example there is someone here who appears to be a Congressional staff member. This person is not identified but probably could be. Is it OK to analyze every detail of this person's private life and produce a profile? What if, as a result of this, there was some publicity and some policies were changed? Is it for the greater good or just voyeurism?

I think than politicians don't have private life.

How about the New York lawyer (4952848) who is part of an anti-development group and has been quoted by the local press? Her searches were pretty tame, the most dubious being new york mental health group homes. Is identifying her OK?

How about the psycho-ex? Is it ok to look up her name in the phone book and post it here?

How about the multi-millionaire?

How about 15021351 who searched for so little?

I thnk it is OK to identify people when they are either a threat, or a public figure, or searched for innocuous things. Do other users agree?

Weelll, (Anon #2 again) I think.. truly.. anyone stupid enough to use AOL? They kinda deserve what they have coming... and if there is nothing to hide, then no-one is going to bother searching for their details. And what are the chances that someone will go after one of these people, for whatever reason/purpose.. not very slim.. but then again, it could happen.. more debate please!

The full impact of this site is beginning to sink in as it appears on Google. Should some links be shielded from Google? Or should it be allowed so that people can realize that their privacy has been invaded? I favor allowing it.

I think that if people are asking you to remove their information you should do so, especially those with names. This could ruin lives for sure, and yes, even cause people to take their own lives because of the overwhelming feeling of thinking about this will affect them for the rest of their lives. AOL should be sued by each of the members affected. Please don't make it worse for the people who have been impacted. Imagine if the same thing had happened to you. No one deserves this.

I felt like my life was ruined when I first discovered that I am on this site. Please remove my data - I have posted a request and e-mailed Max. This could change lives...but not in a positive way.

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